You want to have real relaxation moments with your family and friends, enjoy melodious music and experience the uniqueness of your favorite cocktails or drinks? Let’s come to the Tea & Coffee Salon to help you revive the balance and wake up your senses after a long day of work.


With a beautiful view overlooking the city of Nam Dinh, customers can enjoy a wide variety of attractive and unique drinks prepared by the hands of professional bartenders as well as a diverse selection of snack food to please the hungry stomach, let the worries to free themselves, and immerse in the vibrant life rhythm of the city as well as feel the interesting life aftertaste.

The bar stands out with luxurious European-style design. Upon arrival at the Lounge Bar, regardless of weather conditions, visitors will always feel the care and special treatment from the crew of professional staff.

Moreover, a varied drink menu of Tea & Coffee Salon, including cocktail, promises to please even the most demanding guests. Guests coming to Tea & Coffee Salon of Nam Cuong Nam Dinh hotel often find themselves sink deeper into the world of cocktail, from July Shot, BJ shot to Jager Bomb, Polar Bear, and feel the touch of the world standard taste right on their lips.


The spacious and airy lobby space is a big plus of Tea & Coffee Salon lounge bar. Sipping a glass of luxurious cocktail and humming to the classical music pieces full of romance while admiring the beautiful night view of the city is a not-to-miss class experience. Furthermore, Tea & Coffee Salon always welcomes souls filled with confidences to come and open their heart and immerse themselves in a rustic and tranquil space of drink and music. Tea & Coffee Salon is a fashionable destination and a fascinating highlight of Nam Cuong Nam Dinh Hotel that every guest should visit during their stay.