Come and enjoy the quintessence of international cuisine or significant local dishes at the Tam Xoan Restaurant. From snacks or nutritious lunches, from European and Asian dishes to eye-catching desserts, are cooked by prestigious Chefs. Each dish is a delicate combination of colors, flavors, together with music and space to bring customers to different emotions.
The Tam Xoan Restaurant of Nam Cuong Nam Dinh Hotel isn’t just famous for its spectacular buffet and Western cuisine. It provides the diners with a wide range of Asian-style dishes, especially the cuisine reminiscent of beautiful regions across Vietnam. Come to Tám Xoan restaurant to enjoy several famous dishes such as Pho Nam Dinh or other traditional dishes that reflect brilliant Vietnamese cuisine culture.

Behind the elegantly decorated and elaborately prepared dishes are the team of experienced chefs. Here at the kitchen of Tam Xoan, we have a concrete philosophy to practise. For us, a perfect dish needs to ensure a harmonious combination of both the aesthetics and the flavors.
Food decoration is not just a regular work but an art! Besides increasing the aesthetics of the dish, it helps diners to enjoy their favorite dishes in a more pleasing way. In addition, our chefs always work their best to ensure that the taste of the Vietnamese specialties expresses the characteristics of different regions. Trying the Vietnamese authentic at Tám Xoan Restaurant for once and you will fell in love with the local dishes immediately.

Having a peaceful dinner at Tám Xoan is like joining a fascinating culinary journey in which you are the the passenner!