Located at the Lobby of Nam Cuong Nam Dinh Hotel. The Dong Duong Bar with a panoramic view of the city is a great venue for you to
feel Thanh Nam land and nightlife.
Located on Lobby of Nam Cuong Nam Dinh Hotel, our Dong Duong Bar is the perfect place to experience the vibrant nightlife in Nam Dinh! What makes this Lounge Bar stands out isn’t the luxurious space but its panoramic view of the entire city of Nam Dinh. Not only is there a dreamlike space under the light, but Dong Duong Lounge Bar bar area also has surprising secrets: the impressing cocktail recipes!

For the trendy residents of the city, the Dong Duong Bar is the ideal spot to enjoy the relaxing weekend with friends or relatives. For visitors, the lively atmosphere with bright neon lights and luxurious furniture will surely leave them unforgettable memories!

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